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#1 2015-08-27 16:04:20

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Leopard Assist Doest Work

Ok, i have a powermac g4, and I am trying to install leopard on it using leopard assist.
It curently is running 10.4.6, and is 450mhz.

When running leopard assist, everything worrks, until I press restart in leopard assist, and then I just get the spinning beach ball of death, and it doesnt restart.


#2 2015-10-04 15:21:10

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Re: Leopard Assist Doest Work

I believe the call to restart the machine is one of the few AppleScripts still left in the code, so it's possible that something related to AppleScript (one of the libraries or system processes) is holding up the system from restarting.

However usually by the time it prompts you to restart the computer, the code has already been loaded into the NVRAM, so there is a simple fix - instead of clicking "Restart" in LeopardAssist, close LeopardAssist select Restart from the Apple menu instead. The code loaded by LeopardAssist should still run correctly and the machine will boot from the chosen OS X installation disc.

I'll investigate a potential fix for this issue. If it looks doable, I'll release a final build of LeopardAssist correcting the problem.

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