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iBook G3 Logic Board Question

I just recently bought a iBook G3 off Ebay for 22 dollars (it's a Mid 2002 and it has an Airport card and 128 MB installed, making the total RAM to 256 MB) and it seems that it has the infamous graphics problem. I wonder about putting an older logic board since it seems that the 2001 models don't have issues with the logic board. Is it possible to retrofit an older logic board or should I just go for the same logic board? I don't care too much about the graphics power since I plan on using this iBook mostly for Mac OS 9 games and retro gaming and not so much in OS X.

As for the other parts, the screen and hard drive seems to work.

Update: To make a long story short, I booted the computer several times and sometimes, nothing will appear on the screen. When I got something on the screen, I tried to boot the Apple Hardware Test CD and after it tries to load, it freezes and causes waves on the screen. Pressing the chip down makes the waves on the screen stop until I release it. (Thankfully, it wasn't the LCD)

With that, I ordered a new board for $13.74, which has a 1 year warranty. I will probably recycle the old board or sell it as broken for someone who wants to rework/reflow the graphics chip since I don't have a heatgun nor a rework station (plus getting one costs the same as getting another logic board). Hopefully once I replace it, I will have a working OS 9 machine (which people apparently sell for 50 dollars or more plus shipping).

Update 2: Tried to do an Apple Hardware Test while pushing down on the GPU and it passed of course... when I release it, the computer freezes up... So as suspected, it's the GPU.

A working logic board came in yesterday and taking part the iBook is a feat (basically, it took hours and it had a few missing screws). I accidentally broken some pieces, namely the clips on the IO shield since the screw won't budge, meaning that I had to resort to brute force, but it still managed to stay on. Aside from that, the computer is working and Firewire works now (the old logic board couldn't detect any firewire devices).

Installed OS X Tiger and Mac OS 9 onto the hard drive (upgraded to a 80 GB). Apparently, the old battery keeps a charge, which makes me wonder if it's the original battery or a new one.


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Re: iBook G3 Logic Board Question

Congrats on the fix.

Next step - put in an SSD or CF as an SSD in it. I do not recommend anything smaller than 32GB for OSX and OS9. Unfortunately this leaves few options as most SSDs and CFs tend to go from 32 to 64 to 128 GB with little in between them. The increase on boot and applications loading up will be unbelievable for the G3.


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