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#1 2015-05-04 15:37:42

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External Cell Phones as wireless routers" 3g vs. 4g

Just what the title says, I have a pair of Motorola Androids and one of them is going to replace the pestiferous iPhone as my main phone/ISP interface, for the 12" 1.33 AlBook.

Will I notice any significant performance/security differences between 3g and 4g models in T4Fox or Faux9/Classilla?

Been using the built in 3g of my Verizon Pavilion dm1 almost exclusively for almost four years, should I go tethered 4g for that?


#2 2015-05-04 19:10:15

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Re: External Cell Phones as wireless routers" 3g vs. 4g

TenFourFox won't care, though for the record I tether my iBook G4 over Bluetooth to my work-issued iPhone 5 -- I haven't had to use my Nexus 5 for tethering for a very long time.

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