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Business & Services Directory

The Business & Services Directory is for members of ThinkClassic to find businesses that specialise in computers and electronics. Such businesses may include those that sell older machines, hardware, tools and components, provide diagnostic and repair services or specialise in refurbished or remanufactured systems and components. The aim of this directory is to assist our members with finding the materials and resources they need to maintain, upgrade and repair their vintage computers.

This thread isn't for users to review and comment on businesses. While everyone's entitled to an opinion, we're keeping these threads strictly to listings and information only for the sake of avoiding clutter and legal concerns. We also need to state that ThinkClassic does not officially endorse or have any affiliation with any businesses listed in this thread unless it is explicitly stated otherwise.

Submissions to this thread should ideally include the following information:

  • Business Name

  • Services Offered

  • Country / State / City / Locations Serviced

Along with the following information where it is applicable and available to the public. Please don't include information that the business doesn't wish the public to know (so in the case of a home-operated business that deals primarily via the internet, don't give out their address). If in doubt, consult with the owner or nominated representative of the business first.

  • Address

  • Website

  • Email Address

  • Phone

Feel free to include a short description of what the business offers if you wish, such as information about what machines they service, what components and tools they sell, etc. Be aware that this isn't an invitation to write about your personal experiences with or opinions of the business.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about information in the Business & Services Directory, please contact an administrator. Likewise, any business owners that wish to discuss information contained in this directory, please contact an administrator so we can discuss it further and make any alterations as necessary.

~ iMic.

Tools & Electrical Components


Specialty: Tools & Electrical Components
Location: Online Retailer. Has Warehouses Worldwide and Ships Internationally.
Contact: Contact Information differs by country. Select "Contact Us" (Top Right) on the website for contact information in your location.

Element14 (also Farnell element14 or Newark element14) is a global retailer of tools and components for electronics manufacturing and repairs. Sells a wide range of tools for working on electronics, and offers an extensive catalogue of electrical components for most applications. The full catalogue and stock listing can be viewed on their website.


Jaycar Electronics

Specialty: Tools & Electrical Components
Location: Has retail locations in all Australian States and Territories. View their Store Locator to find your nearest location. An online store is available.
Contact: Complete and current contact information is available here. Individual store contact information and trading hours are available from the Store Locator.

Jaycar Electronics is an Australian retailer of tools and electronic components for hobbyists and repairers. Sells tools from screwdrivers to soldering irons, and electrical components from capacitors to replacement cells for rechargeable batteries. A full catalogue and stock listing can be found on their website.

Computer Accessories & Replacement Parts


Specialty: Mac Accessories, Tools & Replacement Parts
Location: Online Retailer. Ships to Most Countries.
Contact: Online Support or Email Contact Form.
Phone: Toll Free (866) 613-4948 (United States) or (805) 464-0573 (International).

iFixit sells tools and replacement parts for your Mac, including some of the harder to find specialised tools required to service Apple computers. iFixit mostly specialises in more recent Apple hardware, but provides online support services and tools that are applicable to older machines as well.


MacFixit Australia

Specialty: Mac Accessories, Tools & Replacement Parts
Location: Online store ships Australia-wide. Retail storefront at 2 Lothian Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051. Offers in-store collection of online orders.
Contact: Complete and current contact information is available here.

MacFixit Australia sells accessories, tools and replacement parts for your Mac. While they specialise in more recent Apple hardware, they do offer replacement batteries, drives and memory for PowerPC machines as well. They stock a number of items from OWC and NewerTech, and have iFixit service tools and kits available as well. A full catalogue and stock listing is available via their website.

United States

Powerbook Medic

Specialty: Mac Accessories, Tools & Replacement Parts
Location: 1015 Henderson Rd. Huntsville, AL 35816, United States. Online Store Available, Ships Internationally.
Contact: Complete and current contact information and trading hours are available here.
Phone: 1-866-726-3342 (United States)

Powerbook Medic specialises in replacement parts for your Mac. New, used and refurbished parts are available for most recent models of Mac, including some PowerPC based models. Powerbook Medic also offers a range of repair services for your Mac, from general maintenance to component level Logic Board repairs and screen replacements. Both carry-in and mail-in service options are available.

Repair Services


Specialty: Computer Servicing & Repairs, Replacement Parts
Location: Suite C2.14, 22–36 Mountain Street, Ultimo NSW 2007.
Contact: Complete and current contact information is available here.

Microseconds repairs and resells second-hand Apple desktop and notebook computers. They stock a range of "end-of-life" service parts to repair older Apple computers and provide repair services in-house.

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Re: Business & Services Directory


Specialty: Computer Accessories, Parts, Repair, Recycling, and Used Systems - both Mac, PC, and some 8-bit stuff (mainly at the Tukwila location).
Locations: 1565 6th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98134 and 510 Andover Park West Tukwila, WA 98188.  Online sales through their eBay store.
Phone: (206) 623-9151 (Seattle); (206) 575-8737 (Tukwila)
Hours: 10 am - 7 pm Pacific Time, Monday-Saturday.

Reasonable prices on used Mac hardware.  Decent selection of Nubus cards, ADB keyboards, and mice, etc.  Also has an AS IS section at both stores.

3R Technology

Specialty: Used computer sales and parts; recycling.
Location: 5511 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108.  Online sales through their eBay store.
Phone: (206) 957-2682
Hours: 8:30-6:00 M-F, 10:00-4:30 Saturday Pacific Time.

Fairly decent selection of Mac items.


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