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#26 2014-11-30 00:14:34

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Re: MacRescue upgrade board

MinerAl: if you could take a look at yours and see what the dip switch settings are for your 6MB version, that'd be awesome.  It looks like the switches just go to GALs, and I don't really have any idea what they're doing.
Mine is 1=on, 2=on, 3=off, and that detects 2.5MB, even if more is installed.  I'm using six 1MB SIMMs.
on, on, on gives me a 0300FF sad mac,
off, on, on gives 0300FF sad mac
off, off, on boots, but detects 2MB RAM
off, on, off boots, but detects 512K RAM
on, off, off gives me just the happymac icon, and the rest is a black screen, even after booting
on, on, off boots, but detects 2.5MB RAM
on off, on gives 0300FF sad mac
off, off, off gives a 03FFFF sad mac


#27 2014-11-30 02:11:52

From: Sf, Mi
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Re: MacRescue upgrade board

its almost acting like a PLUS that needs that ram resistor cut.

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#28 2014-12-02 17:30:45

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Re: MacRescue upgrade board

I'll dust it off when I get a chance, but it's finals season here at the high school, so I may be swamped until the holidays.  On the other hand I may decide the MacRescue is more interesting than grading projects, so We'll see smile


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