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Might as well start my own thread. I kinda overrun LCGuys by accident. hehe.

Anyway, I picked up a few things at the dayton hamvention.

They had a Duo 280/280C that i was hemhawing around on becuase it looked like it had some serious water damage. All the ports on the microdock are rusted. But, it was $15 so I took a gamble. Got the Duo home, and it worked perfectly fine. surprisingly. I didnt check the dock, just the Duo itself. And its the 280C.

I also found a stack of SCSI Zip drives. Got them all on a combo deal cheap. And, each of them actually work when I got back home. I dont need that many zip drives so ill likely sell them off. They all have the SCSI cable and power cable. 1 of the drives is parallel though :-(


But, Even though I got these items, Hamvention was actually pretty bad this year. Most, if not all the mac stuff was all dried up. Usually hamvention is a vintage mac and pc heaven. But I truly think that ohio is really getting dried up.

Oh, I did see a Commodore PET. But it was too much for my blood, $200 for that thing and it was in SAD shape. wouldnt take any less, so I passed it up:


I thought a netbook keyboard was bad enough, But that keyboard tops the cake. it is tiny!

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