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Macintosh IIcx

Hi.  I have a Mac IIcx that was my mother's...given to me to try to salvage some files off of, then I'll use as a tinker toy.

What is the latest operating system this machine can run?

Where can I find a good quality keyboard and mouse?  I don't know where her's ended up.  eBay finds aren't that great.  I would consider new aftermarket keyboard or mouse but don't know if they even make them for these any longer.

Finally, how can I upgrade the video so the machine can use a normal VGA monitor?

Thank you.


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Re: Macintosh IIcx

For KBD/Mouse, check out USB Wombat at since you're going to be using it with a modern display anyway.

You'll need a Macintosh to VGA converter and even then you probably won't be able to use a "normal VGA monitor" as they're 60Hz only. You'll need a multisync display to deal with the "flicker free" Mac refresh rates from that era.

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Re: Macintosh IIcx

The latest OS it can officially run is 7.6.1, but I think you can also get 8.1 on it with some hacks.


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