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My Macintosh SE has a hard drive issue

I recently purchased a Macintosh SE off eBay for $70. Everything works perfectly on it, except for one thing. The hard drive. I put a hard-drive from my previous SE that blew up on me in the one I just bought. I kind of want to see what's on the hard drive that shipped with it though. When I turn on the SE, it boots to the Happy Mac logo, and won't go past that. A little motor on the side keeps spinning and making noise. I know that the happy Mac logo is at least a good sign. Any help? I'll add pics. The picture is of the motor I was talking about.

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Re: My Macintosh SE has a hard drive issue

If it doesn't recognize the drive, you blow out that optical sensor that the arm rotates through then turn the arm 90° and give it a try. That arm moves the heads across the disk platters.

If it is seeing the drive but stops during boot, it probably has a bad or weak sector (or several) on the disk. You'll probably have to reformat and reinstall System/MacOS software.

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