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Upgrades for the TAM I'll never have . . .

.  .  .  this is almost ridiculous, I've never particularly cared for the TAM. Never cared much for the SE/30 either, but got sucked into that vortex and we all know how that turned out. roll

mcd, you're a bone stock purist type collector, what do you think?

Second PCI slot riser for the TAM replaces CS2 card/riser. Twin PCI Riser Project for TAM, 6360, 5x00 Single Slot PowerMacs.

Haven't followed up on it yet in the thread, but someone made mention of discrete USB and FireWire cards being TAM/6500 compatible? I'm thinking that might be the way to go for many a TAM jockey? Those compatible USB/FW combo cards appear to be as high in demand as 500MHz Sonnet L2 G3 accelerators and even more rare.

There was also mention of using a USB to Ethernet dongle in lieu of CS2. Do that internally, add VONETS and we've got WiFi TAMmage.

FireWire (only) card in the standard slot and a USB (only) card in my offset upper slot with USB and VONETS antenna connections on a printed ComSlot cover plate?

What do you think?

VidCard in Pic would be the FW card Illustrration shows setback/inset requirements.



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