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HDI-30 Reverse Adapter

I've found a Asante ethernet adapter(with the HDI-30 connector) in my collection and I don't currently have a powerbook in my collection to connect it to. But I do have a mac that I would like to get online. It has no expansion, just SCSI (DB-25), and I figure there has to be a way to get this connected.

I can wire it up with some jumpers, probably, to a SCSI breakout board that I have, but I'm looking for a more long term solution. My preference it to leave the Asante as stock, so I'm hoping I can find an adapter or make one. No luck on searches to find a pre-made adapter(there are plenty to go the other way, connecting a laptop to a non-HDI device). What I'm hoping to do now is find the HDI-30 Female socket that is installed in the laptops, as independent part, so I can design and build a small circuit board to adapt to a DB-25 port.

Does anyone know where I can get this part?
Failing that, does anyone know the manufacturer of the part? I've scoured the internet for any pictures of the motherboards that have it, but none appear to show a manufacturer, or are too low res.

I'm willing to do the work, but I've hit a dead end on the HDI-30 sockets.



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Re: HDI-30 Reverse Adapter

You can easily scavenge the part from a borked PB logic board. It's a thruhole part.


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