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#1 2018-02-28 17:01:32

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Awesome craigslist find! (STORY TIME)

What's up everyone? Today I have a story for all of you. It is about how I acquired my PowerMac 7300/200.
Here it is:

I was searching through Craigslist, with a taste for retro technology. I found the usual items:
- Gameboys (Advance, original, pocket, color, ect.)
-Broken Commodore PCs
-Broken Macintosh PCs
- Miscellaneous technology

Practically nothing of value (to me, at least).

I opened my laptop and got onto craigslist to continue my search. Again, the same old stuff. NOTHING AGAIN.

I decided to venture outside of my comfort zone, searching areas that weren't very close to where I live. Many of these areas were 50+ MILES away from my house. Later that day, I found it. I FINALLY found it.

It was 5:30, and time was running out. I know it sounds dramatic, but anyone who has bought on Craigslist knows this struggle.
I called the seller. Nothing. I called again. Nothing. It seemed like all hope was lost, until I finally got the call.
"You were the one who messaged my about my PowerMac, correct?" Those words were like auditory gold.

I'm on my way to pick up the PowerMac. The seller had not yet listed a price, so that was a risk that I was willing to take.  It could be $100, or it could be $850.
I finally arrived at the meeting place. I walked in. I saw the computer. "Hello, you must be here for my PowerMac."
A little old lady, who must've been in her 80s, greeted me with a smile.
"Yes, that's me." I spoke. "How much would you like for your Mac?
She, without hesitation, said "$100."
I then noticed the printer bundled with the computer. "How about without the printer?"
She said, very quickly, "$75".
I got my wallet out. paid the $75, and made my way out with the PC, an apple monitor, a mouse, keyboard, mousepad, mouse cleaning supplies, and a box containing a dozen floppies, each with their own software on them.

When I finally got home, I plugged in the many cables necessary to power the PC, and waited. And waited. And waited.  *DING*
The sound that I had been waiting for this whole entire time.
It worked.
It actually worked.

I'll add pictures very soon.

Thank you SO much for reading this story! I hope all of you vintage Mac enthusiasts find the Mac of your dreams eventually. It just takes time and practice.
Peace out!



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#2 2018-03-30 19:10:24

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Re: Awesome craigslist find! (STORY TIME)

Craigslist has been very handy for collecting for me. I refuse to pay the huge prices people want for them on eBay or second-hand stores that check eBay. I decided that it's more fun to hunt for good deals on classic tech anyway.

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#3 2018-06-28 16:07:32

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Re: Awesome craigslist find! (STORY TIME)

Congrats on the good find, Theclassic. I guess I should give craigslist a shot again. I've kind of given up on it after a couple of bad experiences.


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