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IIcx power issue (button needs to be hold)

Hi there,

i have some issues with the IIcx i just got. It will only hold Power while the power button is pressed (keyboard or switch in the backside) - and even then there ist no chime or picture, i'm also very sure that the HDD isn't running only the PSU and the Lights on the Computer and the Monitor.
PRAM Batterie is replaced but still no improvement. I might try to strip down the configuration (right now all RAM slots are occupied) but can't think of anything else atm.

Are there know issues with this series? (Bad PSU/Bord)




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Re: IIcx power issue (button needs to be hold)

More than likely you will need to replace the capacitors on the logic board. Be sure to look for any traces that have been blackened or eaten through by the capacitors' liquid electrolyte.

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