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Scored a mint condition 512k Macintosh from eBay.

So I purchased a 512k original Macintosh from eBay. Its quite yellowed based on the pictures,a but other than that there is not a single sign on wear anywhere on the case other than a pen mark on the front of the case the seller did not wan't to touch which could be easily removed. He was also selling the keyboard separately for $75, which was also in perfect physical condition. Offered him $50 and got that too. Total I paid $150 for a perfect 512k macintosh. Other than the yellowing. There was also a floppy disk in the drive. The screen does not turn on but its most likely just cold solder joints and not an electronics issue based on the condition and obvious light use of it. He said it beeps and the floppy drive makes noises for a few seconds indicating its booting.

Around 2 years ago I purchased a very good condition Macintosh plus beige. Which was almost pumpkin orange in color. I used salon cream 40 volume and saran wrap to retrobright it for the first time. Destroyed the entire case, mouse, and keyboard bleaching parts to an almost white color after only a few hours of treatment. When I retrobright this I am going to submerge it completely in a diluted solution to get a much more controlled treatment. If anyone has any advice for retrobrighting this. That would be great. I Cannot ruin this one!!

This is the 512k with the 800k drive meaning I can boot from all my disks from my ruined plus which is great.

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Re: Scored a mint condition 512k Macintosh from eBay.

Get the clear 20 volume and dilute with hot water. Let it sit fully submerged in full sunshine checking often. It usually only takes 1-2 hours to get acceptable results.

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