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OS9 install - PowerBook G4?

Hi, hopefully I'm posting in the right place. I've got a PowerBook G4 (A1010) running OS 10.4.11 (Tiger) and I'd been trying to install OS9 via these instructions, so I could have one partition with Tiger and another with OS9:!topic … R2QQCKaCFA

Then I found out, apparently this computer model can't boot into OS9. Is there ANY way I can run OS9 — not classic mode, but some sort of mode that's mostly indistinguishable from having a real OS9 running? Can I install Linux and then OS9 or something? Or if there's a way to make classic mode show its desktop, be completely full-screen, and hide even the OSX menubar, just being like an emulation window? I know nothing about computers or software, just so you know in advance.

The reason why I really need the actual OS is because I'm almost blind and can't read the menu text, can barely read filenames etc on any normal computer. As far as I know OS9 lets you change the menu font size, plus the overall simple look is easier on the eyes (and I like it for nostalgia too of course).


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