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How to turn off the Monitors of compact macs?


I had some issues with my Mac SE 1MB.

It didn't want to boot from the HDD, but it booted from the floppy fine, then after some time, it booted from the HDD fine, and now boots fine from the HDD as well, too.

I found out that it's because of the oils, that can get sticky, and thus need to be warmed up, so if the mac is not used in sometime, it could get sticky again.

Therefore, I am thinking of turning it on and leaving it running daily when I am working with my other machines (they're all PC's), just to keep the oils warm.

However, I have had mine on for 45 minutes so far, and I noticed no screen saver has come on, and I cannot find a way to turn off the monitor without turning off the computer itself.

Does anyone have a solution for this? I want to avoid screen burn-in at all cost.


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Re: How to turn off the Monitors of compact macs?

There's no way to actually "turn off" the monitor, however you can turn the brightness all the way down (knob at the front underneath where the Apple logo is).

Alternatively, you can use a screensaver. No version of the classic Mac OS came with a screensaver, however there were a few made for it, the best ones being After Dark and Darkside of the Mac.


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Re: How to turn off the Monitors of compact macs?

When I used an SE/30 as a web server in the 90s it was on 24/7 for years.
I did what LCGuy suggests, turned the brightness down to 0 with the knob on the front, and had no burn in or other monitor issues. Works great.
Classic and Classic IIs didn't have a physical knob, so they're harder to manage the monitor on.


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Re: How to turn off the Monitors of compact macs?

Sometimes you'll find that even when turning the brightness knob all the way down, it doesn't "turn off" the screen completely... (it depends on how much the unit was screwed with and how the adjustments were made at the factory)

After dark is a good solution to your problem. I think there's a module that effectively turns the screen off.

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Re: How to turn off the Monitors of compact macs?

Another option is to just swap a somewhat newer drive into the machine or switch to a CF or SD-based storage solution...  I'm assuming it still has the original 20MB Miniscribe drive installed?


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