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Which PCI SCSI cards are Mac compatible?

I have a lot of SCSI cards collected over the years.  (Even EISA and SBUS!)  I'm trying to sort out conclusively which of the PCI ones, primarily Adaptec, are Mac compatible at least within OS 9 or earlier.  I've found some Powermacs just won't play nice with certain ones even if they work in others.  Presumably some older cards don't work at all in post-Beige machines due to lack of PCI 2.1 compliance.

  Does anyone have a decent reference list for what works?  I don't care about bootability - they just have to mount drives reliably and not cause crazy voodoo-nonsense.  It appears that some cards work in PC and Mac without having to reflash.  I know OSX is much more limited with support also.

  Any help is welcome - even if it's just reporting one of your own cards you know works.

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