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#1 2017-03-07 00:56:26

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2017 update: candidates for a sub-$100 ubuntu/Firefox Laptop?

We did this long enough ago that it's gotta be out of date, even by our lax standards over just three years.

So what would one need to bottom feed off the 'Bay ATM to cobble together a daily driver rated, dedicated FireFox BrowserStation for under $100 US?

Cheap as minds want to know! tongue


#2 2017-03-10 10:29:45

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Re: 2017 update: candidates for a sub-$100 ubuntu/Firefox Laptop?

Reasonably modern (read: made within the past 10-12 years), the Dell D630/D830 series has been pretty reasonable, price-wise.  Even back in 2012-13, they still were fairly cheap, provided you were willing to supply your own SATA drive.  The one I used as a daily until I got the early 2008 MacBook from ian.finder over at the other site cost me about $69, plus a hard drive, and eventually an upgrade to a 2.6GHz C2D chip from the 2007 spec 2.2GHz C2D chip.  Sure loved proving he-who-shall-not-be-named wrong with that upgrade.  Said that the machine would continue to run hot.  Nope.  Dropped a good 20-30 degrees (a couple months prior to the upgrade, I did refresh the thermal paste on the old T7500 chip, as well as the nVidia chip).  Video artifacts went away for the most part, too.

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Re: 2017 update: candidates for a sub-$100 ubuntu/Firefox Laptop?

Yes, I've been using a D630 I refurbished, and it's a perfect medium between old (can run Windows 2000 well) and new (it can run Windows 7 decently, and could probably run 8.1 or (gasp!) 10 without much fuss if I really wanted to).

I upgraded mine to a 2.5 GHz C2D and 4 GB of RAM (it reportedly supports 8 GB, but finding compatible 4 GB DDR2 SODIMMs is prohibitively expensive) and replaced the original logic board (which had Intel graphics) with one with the Nvidia graphics. I'm also running a 120 GB SSD in it, and it's almost as fast as my Corei7 2012 MacBook Pro with 16 GB RAM (albeit with less headroom, for obvious reasons; the D630 can't run three VMs and 25+ Firefox tabs without falling flat).

Apparently one can even hackintosh it, but I could never figure out how to get it to work.

I can't remember exactly what I payed for it, but I'm quite sure it was less than $100 (not including upgrades).


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