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#1 2014-07-28 23:19:18

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Booting a 512K from a 800KiB HFS disk

I'm having a real hard time working out the exact procedure to access a 800KiB HFS disk on a 512K.

The first thing I know it is that:

1) The drive must be an external
2) The drive must be an 800K drive
3) Some kind of 400KiB MFS disk is the startup disk

...and that is it. The trail goes cold. I'm looking at this page which states the following:

On a Macintosh 512K with an external 800K floppy drive:

  1. Use the HD 20 Startup disk to boot the machine.

  2. Insert the System Tools disk into the external 800K floppy drive.

  3. Start an application from the System Tools disk. TeachText, for example.

  4. The System Tools disk is now the startup disk. You can remove the HD 20 Startup disk.

The reason is that I'm making a System 2.0.1 Network Access Disk. It has: System 2.0.1, PackIt 1.0, BinHex 4.0, MacTerminal 2.2, EasyShare Demo and AppleShare 1.1 WS with a few DAs. It appears that the HD20 INIT is required to read the external drive for 800KiB HFS purposes, and that some kind of hot-swapping operation goes on. But here's the problem. EasyShare and AppleShare won't work because they weren't loaded upon startup. Shall I make some kind of System 2.0.1 MFS disk with those INITs loaded? I know napabar loads EasyShare on his 512K, so I know it's possible, just not how. Even then, EasyShare will not work on a MFS disk.

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Re: Booting a 512K from a 800KiB HFS disk

IIRC, Napabar's 512K is actually a 512Ke.  I seem to remember him mentioning it in his videos.  So, that might be the sticking point there.


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