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From: Duvall, WA
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FS: Apple II+ 48K - $150

Item: Apple II+ (][+)
Location: Duvall, Washington
Item Condition: Very good - Excellent
Reason for selling: Downsizing - haven't touched it more than once after getting it.
Price: $150
Payment Method: Cash (local pickup); prepay via PayPal personal payment for delivery to Oregon
Extra Info: 48KB.  No language card or controller card for floppy drives, has aftermarket power supply, reconditioned keyboard, clean case, Videx Ultraterm 80 column video card (being thrown in for free, since I got it that way).  Originally an A2S1032 machine.  It was refurbished by John Keoni Morris from the Apple II Enthusiasts group on FB.  Nice example.  Would keep it, except that I haven't used my //e in the past 6 months or so.  More likely to use that computer than to use the ][ Plus, if I get a hankering for Apple II software.
Pictures: Forthcoming.  Likely will get those when I take the photos of the MacBook Pro.

modern: Mac Pro 2.8GHz 8-core 6GB/500G/DVD-RW, Mid-2010 A1286 MBP
PPC: G3/400
Pre-Mac: //e
other: iPhone 6s 128GB Space Gray


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