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Apple III Titan Card

Today I picked up a lot of Apple goods -- (1) a rainbow ribbon Disk ][; (2) an external Disk III; (3) A couple disk ][ interface cards; and most interesting, (4) a Titan "III plus II" and "III plus IIe" card.  I got the lot for $40, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

Researching these cards, it appears they allow the user to bypass some of Apple's built in limitations on Apple II emulation in the III. I found a nice resource (including software .dsk images) here: … lus%20IIe/

Does anyone have any experience with thees? Ultimately, I just wanted to know if these things were fairly solid/safe to use in my new Apple III (since it's the only one I have!)  I pulled it out of another Apple III this guy had that had a bad PS, so I don't know if it works (but everything else I have gotten from this guy seems to work...)



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Re: Apple III Titan Card

I don't have any experience with them but they sound neat! Share your results!

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Re: Apple III Titan Card

Very nice find!

If you're in facebook, do check the Apple /// Enthusiasts -group as somebody there just got the same card (Titan) i believe - so help might be at hand.


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