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#1 2017-01-12 00:13:10

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Spaceinvader12's collection in progress

Hi everyone, relatively new here and just recently re-active. Life's been busy. I've managed to gather enough machines to not feel ashamed about calling it a collection and figured I may well make a post here. I'll get pics up of everything eventually, but right now my phone is updating so I can't do that.

Anyways, onto the machines:

Mac SE FDHD (thanks mcdermd, this really got me going on vintage computing) now with a 500MB quantum drive with 6.0.8/7.1 on partitions
Powerbook 190 (mostly working, pretty bad physical shape, but free from a friend of mine) running 7.5.2
Commodore 64 x 2 (One working, one dead) both breadbins. I've also got a 1541, datasette, and a fair amount of carts
TRS-80 IV (also working), free from a person who was moving house
Atari 800XL (currently dead) given to me with an Indus GT drive (which works) but the Atari itself doesn't. I'm pretty sure they tried to power it up with a c64 power supply that fried it.

Acquiring these machines has always been an adventure. I haven't got a lot of funds and scavenging parts and machines on craigslist or locally is quite fun.I've also been getting better at soldering, so there's that as well. I've decided if I really want to get into this hobby I need to do it right, so I've been slowly gathering equipment and tools as well.

So yeah, that's my machines at the moment. I've got a few games systems that are older but didn't list those. It's not as impressive as many as you but I feel like I'm off to a good start in a hobby I really enjoy!


#2 2017-01-13 14:03:22

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Re: Spaceinvader12's collection in progress

Even if you only have a couple of machines its technically still a collection in my opinion. smile And regardless you have some nice machines there smile And welcome back smile


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