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#1 2016-12-17 01:08:32

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new kid on the block :)

Hello everyone
I have several Mac pro's (2.1-3.1 and 5.1) and I also have some vintage powermacs (a G3 and a 7200/120) One mac has OS x 7.5.5 installed the other OS 8.1
Before I forget I also have a Macintosh M0001 (but more about that one later).
I would like to install some software (games , utilities) from back of the time ~1995. But I'm having a hard time to get the installer to work. I can download all sorts of abandon ware, but if I try to use the mac pro to burn a disk.
the vintage computers can't read the format. I even installed OS leopard 10.5.6 on one of my mac pro 2.1, thinking it would write still in the old format to disks, but I guess I was wrong.
Is there a way of doing it? Do I have buy old software and that's the only way?
thank you all in advance


#2 2016-12-17 03:54:43

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Re: new kid on the block :)

Generally classic Mac software is posted on websites in the form of a StuffIt archive. Do you have Stuffit Expander on your older Macs?

Also, are the machines networked? This tutorial will give you some ideas on how to get your Power Macs and the Mac Pro 2,1 with Leopard talking.


#3 2016-12-17 22:40:14

From: Bermuda Triangle, NC USA
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Re: new kid on the block :)

Welcome, kid! As always, my recipe for cross platform and New/Old World woes is a pair (or more) of Zip Drives. Works a charm!


#4 2016-12-18 21:45:20

From: Electron Alley
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Re: new kid on the block :)


Machine room (updated for 2019!):


#5 2017-01-05 18:36:47

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Re: new kid on the block :)

Welcome aboard mate. I have found that older Mac CD ROM drives are kind of fickle about the media they will read... burn speeds have been the difference between reading and not reading on a particular drive, as have the brand of media. CD's just arent of a consisent quality anymore. If the issue is that the machine just will not read the burnt disk, try a different brand of disc, burnt at a slow speed. Hope this helps... Seems likethe easiest place to start.

If this fails, I'd stongly recommend networking as an option... The G3 will run OS9, and using the OS9 Chooser you can cheat and do an IP direct connect to the 10.5.6 MacPro once file sharing is enabled. This has been a painfree solution to my transfer requirements... In my case, my daily driven machine is a G5 Powermac running 10.5.8 and have my 9600 permanantly installed and networked also. Both can acccess the net, but the G5 is significantly faster, and has huge hard drives. The 9600 is pretty warmed up itself and has decent sized drives, but theyre tiny by comparison, so I basically download anything i need onto the G5 effortlessly, then simply connect to the G5 via a direct IP in the Chooser, mount the drive I need as  a networked volume, and copy whatever i need over to the 9600. From that point I can do with it what i like... copy it to floppy, burn it to CD on a period cd-R drive, or wherever possible, simply connect the machine requiring the software to the network and copy it over Appleshare from the 9600. It seems like doublehandling, but it's straightforward and it is foolproof... realistically if i wanted to i could even cut out the middleman and download directly from the web directly to the 9600, but its just not worth dealing with the slowness of it on the web. And the beuaty of having a modernish computer in he equation is, I can just download things and leave a repository of stuff on a machine where it takes up nothing... I have the entire Apple obsolete software archive on there and it takes up a piffling 12Gb. lol

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