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#1 2016-11-21 18:33:45

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What software can a Mac Performa 460 run

is the Performa 460 able to run software/games from older apple computers such as the original mac or apple 2. If not whats the best software for the system.


#2 2016-11-21 18:54:20

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Re: What software can a Mac Performa 460 run

a performa 460 is a mac LC basically.  So its a mac not an Apple, so without a II pds card in the slot you cannot run II software on it.  SHould handle most non powerpc software just fine.


#3 2016-12-06 08:28:20

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Re: What software can a Mac Performa 460 run

Performa 460 is an LCIII.  Runs System 7.1 (either the Performa version for the 460 or the regular version with the enabler for the LCIII) through 7.6.1.  Can run Mac OS 8 (or 8.1) with the Born Again patch.  Will be slow if running 8 or 8.1.  For Apple II software, you need the Apple IIe card, related software, and an Apple 5.25 Drive (unless you have all your Apple II software on 3.5" floppies).  Personally, I'd just pick up a decent //e system and use that for the Apple II stuff, then run whatever pre-PowerPC software you have on the LCIII.


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