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Macintosh SE Help

Hi everyone, new to the board, and new to the increasingly intriguing world of vintage Apple.  The oldest Apple product I had in my house was a G3 iMac, until I came home from an estate sale with a Macintosh SE today.

I wasn't really expecting it to fire right up, but I expected...something actionable to happen.  I'm hoping that I can avail myself of the collective knowledge here to at least get a starting point of what to Google to try to repair this bad boy.  I have zero in the way of soldering skills, so if that's required, this then becomes a learning experience.

This is what the screen looks like when I turn the power on.  I let it run for about 10 minutes to see if it would change, but no dice.

I took a video, as well.  Apologies for the production value:

Any tips about where to start would be appreciated.  I've got a set of super long Torx screwdrivers coming from amazon that should enable me to open the case, but that won't be until Wednesday.



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Re: Macintosh SE Help


This is mainly for the SE/30, but may also apply to the SE... … ml#JailBar

Possible that you might have a missing SIMM or one that isn't fully inserted.  I'd expect a sad mac error code, though.


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