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Non Apple SCSI drive in Centris 610

My Centris' drive died and I picked up a 4GB SCSI.

From what I've read, it seems I need a patched version of the HD SC Setup tool to use a non-apple SCSI drive like this....or maybe drive setup 1.5? (maybe earlier?)

My problem is I have yet to find the patched version of the HD SC setup on a bootable floppy. Without a working Mac, I have no way to update my existing bootable floppy that has the unpatched version on it. I've tried many ways!!! I scoured the internet and found a ton of resources, discussions, downloads, just not anything I can use so far.

It looks like the Mac OS 8.1 may format/initialize a non-apple scsi. I do have that on CD. Will have to try. I just ordered the 4GB drive so I'll find out in a few days I guess.

If anybody knows where to get a *bootable floppy* with the patched HD SC Setup, let me know! (or bootable floppy with Drive Setup 1.5). I did actually find 1 link but after downloading and making the floppy from an .img.sit file, my mac refused to boot with it...not sure what's flaky about it, but no go.  I do have a bunch of utilities on my PC for working with MAC files/images.

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Re: Non Apple SCSI drive in Centris 610

Use the 8.1 CD to boot into the Finder, then use the patched version of HDSC Setup to format the drive, loaded from a floppy.  That is, if you can't use the utilities on the CD to format the drive.


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