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Repairing ATI Radeon 9800 Pro AGP card

This isn't exactly a modification question but I thought I'd put it in this section anyway.  I need to do a relatively simple repair to an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Mac 256MB AGP video card as depicted in the following photo:

(Mine is the true Mac edition with the purple molex connector.)

  Somewhere along the way in its life it got bumped on the tiny black heatsink in the upper front corner near the molex aux-power header.  Under the heatsink is a small 8-pin IC that I assume is some sort of variable voltage regulator for the aux-power.  When it got bumped, half the pins sheared off the chip body and the card no longer powers up correctly.  I have the ability to do the repair, but the problem is I don't know the part number of the chip, which appears to be thermal-epoxied to the heatsink.  As it is it'll be nearly impossible to remove the existing part without tearing up the solder pads.  I may actually have to carefully cut part of the heatsink off to make enough space for the removal.

  Any thoughts on how I can identify and source a replacement IC?


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