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#1 2016-05-12 21:53:23

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Promenade C1

I was reading the user manual for the Promenade C1 a couple nights ago, and in addition to simple eprom burning, it has a nifty feature for using eproms as long term storage.  Without having looked at one before, I just assumed it came with some software that would load files from floppy and program them in, and read back out, that kind of thing, but it seems like much more.  The software it comes with integrates the Promenade as device 16, allowing you to load/save things from/to eproms, and it has a rudimentary file table that it programs at the beginning of the eprom as files are written to it.  I thought that was an interesting feature to add to an eprom burner, and I guess at the time, files were small enough you could actually store a couple documents to an eprom, or even an OTP chip.  Taxes, a thesis, that kind of thing would make sense to burn into a chip and save forever.

It's also got all kinds of other abilities to load data of varying sizes and offsets into specific locations in system memory, and vice versa.  That's actually how the generic programming ability works, you load a file off disk into system memory and then write that into the eprom.  That effectively limits the size of eproms the Promenade can write to about the 27C256 chips, since it can't quite store a full 64KB of data plus have memory to actually run anything, in order to make the jump to 27C512's.  It looks like in an update, they did add the ability to program 27C512 chips, if you're using the file based approach though.

I still haven't played with one of these in person, I was just reading the manual and thinking that's kind of an ingenious trick.


#2 2016-05-13 00:45:32

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Re: Promenade C1

I have a Promenade burner around here somewhere. Didn't do much with it, but nice to have.

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