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My Macs

So I have been on for about a year and posted a few times about issues I have had and received a lot of great advice.  I figured it was high-time to write about all my Macs and my Apple/Mac experiences.

Here is a list of all the Macs I have had and used a my primary machine:

Macintosh LC II - 1992 (upgraded HD and processor - 25Mhz w/68881 FPU)*
PowerMacintosh 6100/60 - 1995 (upgraded to CDROM and then to a 6100/60AV. Now has a Sonnet 400Mhz G3)
PowerMacintosh 9600/200MP - 1998 (upgraded to XLR8 Zif 266Mhz G3 and then to a 500Mhz G3)
PowerBook G4 550Mhz - 2002 (this is a workhorse and served until 2009)
PowerMac G5 1.8GhzDP - 2005**
iMac 2.16Ghz C2D 24in - 2011**
iMac 2.5Mhz i5 (2011) - 2011 (upgraded to i7 and SSD)

My collection (added in the last couple years "just for fun")
Mac SE/30 - needs a recap, no idea if it will work*
Color Classic - recapped and works great... needs a HD
Quadra 605 - see my other posts... work in progress*
PowerMac 7100/66AV (bought it cheap on eBay since it had a G3 card that was only noted in the pics, its now a 7100/250G3-HPV4MB)
PCC PowerWave 604/132 (actually had a 150Mhz card in it, but I upped it to a 200Mhz 604e)
PowerMac G4 - won it for a $1... plus a crap-ton in shipping

PS - just got a nice looking LCIII on eBay after a IIsi I won fell through.  Mmmm pizza-box Macs.

* = doesn't currently work
** = sold

I wouldn't mind getting another G5, I have a vid card, memory and my old HDs to drop in, but other than that, I am done (yea, right).

A long time ago, I would frequent an auction house in Albuquerque and buy old macs, clean and fix them and turn a profit on eBay.  I can remember having a 6100, 950, PB Duo (w/ dock), IIfx, Plus, SE, IIsi, IIcx and others that I sold.  I have also dumped and/or lost a lot of parts I wish I still had.

I have loved using Mac computers since 1987. But recently, I sort of feel they have lost their uniqueness.  I liked System 7 Savvy and OS 9 was great, but 10.3-10.11 all feel the same (one great feature is migrating from one Mac to a new one... I still have file structure and email from 2002), but the OS upgrades aren't the same.  Also, the hardware has been sadly static for a long time.  Computers (and tablets) feel like net-appliances anymore.

BTW, I typed all this on a 1995 vintage MicroSpeed ABD keyboard via a USB adapter.  Just cause.


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Re: My Macs

Picked up another one... IIsi with 16mb RAM, 245mb HD and... A Daystar 040 with adapter and PDS network card!  Works great (HD is loud) and will need caps as soon as they arrive.

I think I am done acquiring.  Need to do something with them and maybe get a SCSI2SD.


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