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Powerbook 190 Restoration

I haven't been active for ages on here to due the crushing pressure that is life, but I'm back now!

Anyways, I've managed to acquire a number of cheap/free computers over the months, including a rather shabby Powerbook 190 (not the cs) for free. It's functionally working except for having very little battery life, if any at all. However, the cosmetics are sorely lacking. It's missing two of the screws on the bottom case and some of the plastic tabs holding the palmrest in place were snapped off. Basically, it's pretty unstable and plastic bits tend to move around a lot whenever I move it.

Is there any fix for this besides buying a whole new model? I'm sure putting in all the screws would help hold everything in place, does anyone have the dimensions for the bottom case screws? I don't need the special Mac screws, Phillips or flathead would be fine and honestly easier to remove when needed. Otherwise, it's a pretty neat little laptop. I think it was the last 68k Powerbook,  but I could be wrong. I'd love to get this sorted out so I could put some more metaphorical miles on this machine.

Thanks for all your help in advance, I can get some pictures up if needed.


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