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Just picked up a Macintosh Classic! Got some questions

I managed to buy a Classic from a boot sale with the standard Keyboard II and the mouse and 40MB HDD, and it works! Boots up normally and seems fine.

This is the first time I've gotten a computer this old, and I have been mostly using Windows all my life, so I've got some questions to ask about this.


1. It runs System 7.1 (see uploaded image), but I couldn't find anywhere what the 'B1' referred to. Anyway, would you recommend me to upgrade this to System 7.5.5 which I understand is the newest OS compatible? Is 7.5.5 a good version, not like Win ME for instance? Also isn't 7.5.5 'too new' for it to run slow on a Classic?

2. It also seems to have 4096k (4MB) RAM, but Wiki claims the Classic was only sold with 1MB. Does that mean mine has been upgraded?

3. I would like to install some software on this Classic but how can I do that? I have an older Windows PC with a 3.5" floppy drive and some floppies, - so can I use that PC to download software, put it on the floppy, and use that on the Classic? Any good place where I can find software?

4. I'm not sure if sound is working properly. I know this Mac has that 'beep' sound on boot but I couldn't hear it. I then went to Control Panels and the sound was set to 3. I changed it to max (7) and I heard the beep, but it was very very quiet. Could there be a problem with speakers?

5. Being a rookie to Macintosh I'm not sure if I'm doing this wrong or not - at default when I boot, the mouse movement is very slow. In Control Panels it is set on the lowest, so I changed it higher. However after a reboot it went back to the slowest. Does that mean it isn't saving the setting properly?

Apologies if there's too many questions but I think I should know these, thanks! big_smile

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Re: Just picked up a Macintosh Classic! Got some questions


Going in order:

1. I'd stay with System 7.1.  While 7.5.5 will run on a Classic with 4MB RAM it will be noticeably slower than 7.1.

2. Yes, yours has the max available.  1MB onboard and the RAM expansion card which has another 1MB built in and two SIMM slots with 1MB apiece for 4MB total.

3. Best place to find software would be Macintosh Garden.  If you don't already have Stuffit Expander on the Classic it will be somewhat more difficult to transfer software over.

4. Quiet sound means you need to get the capacitors on the motherboard replaced.  It starts as the sound getting quieter and quieter and ends with the machine not booting up and you have stripes or a checkerboard pattern on the screen (you can see a bunch of machines like that on eBay).

5. If the settings aren't persisting on reboots the problem could lie with your PRAM battery, which at this point is dead.  You'll want to remove that, especially if it's a red Maxell battery as those are known to destroy, sometimes violently, classic Mac motherboards.  A replacement should be easy to find as it's just a standard 3.6v 1/2 AA.

Circling back to the motherboard though, get those capacitors replaced ASAP.  uniserver aka, one of the members on here, does excellent work and is very reasonable as far as pricing goes.

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Re: Just picked up a Macintosh Classic! Got some questions

I'd also stay with 7.1. The later versions are much fatter. Don't know what the "B1" prefix means. Apple used to prefix the version numbers for localized version, e.g. there is a D-7.1 which is the German version ("D" -> Deutschland). B1 is then ... belgian? big_smile

System 7 Today is a website and forum about System 7. Maybe they know the answer.

The Mac should be able to read PC floppies. You need to transport software packages in an Apple-style archive (like ".sit" for Stuffit) which preserves files correctly. If you want to transport more software or data a used Zip drive might be an option. You can find USB versions which connect to modern PCs/Macs and SCSI versions which connect to the Classic Mac.

Best, bobo68


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