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What's a G5 really worth these days?

I raise this question out of general interest rather than a serious desire to buy one.  Saw one at a thrift store today and figured they were out of their minds what they were asking for it.  This is probably one of those "what's one worth to you" situations rather than a consistent market rate.  I figure there is substantial risk in buying one of these machines due to the frequency of known motherboard failures and the problems with leaking water coolers.  I think I'd be hard-pressed to justify getting one unless it was virtually free.

  The machine I saw at the thrift store today was clean and whole except for no hard drive.  It was PCI with AGP video and dual CPU.  I couldn't find sufficient markings on it to tell the speed.  No accessories were included.


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Re: What's a G5 really worth these days?

A Powermac G5? To me? It would have to be less than $50 for me to even look at it.  Maybe even $25. But then again, I already have four of them.

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Re: What's a G5 really worth these days?

The G5 is at that crappy point where its too old to be modern, but at the same time not yet old enough to be interesting. I think I paid AU$50ish for mine around 3 years ago, which I think is fair.


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Re: What's a G5 really worth these days?

This doesn't apply to the Quad, of course, which has some residual cred as the most powerful of the Power Macs -- those still sell for a few hundred or so easily. But a 1.6 or 1.8 is probably not worth a great deal, nor any of the liquid cooled systems other than the Quad. That said, I'd still expect a 2.3 to get a price premium for its higher reliability and maintainability (read: air cooled) marks, maybe $100.

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Re: What's a G5 really worth these days?

Welll, I can only speak from an Australian market standpoint. I paid 150AU for my PCIe dual-2Ghz probably late 2014? with a Compaq TFT thrown in,  to replace my dual-2GHz PCI-X one after it developed the normal solder issues. I was happy with that price for a fully functional privately owned PCIe machine (which are free from the majority of the issues G5's came to be known for), however I have seen them cheaper, sans hard drives or peripherals. On the other hand, I would be very hesitant to spend more than 100 bucks on an ex-lab machine or less for any in poor physical condition, despite the fact the asking prices are still quite high here in Australia for G5 towers.

I was recently given a PCI single for free non functioning and thats about what Id happily pay for anything PCI or PCI-X in the G5 range, as they are simply too big a risk to spend serious money on with their appallingly high failure rate and low chance of revival. The most i would pay for any functioning machine prior to the PCIe version is about 50 bucks.

Quads are kind of in a league of their own. I'd still pay reasonably for a late one in good working and physical condition and with evidence of being well maintained.

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Re: What's a G5 really worth these days?

I recently dipped my toe in the G5 pool, I went into it with low cost as a priority (no more than $75 US... shipped!) - with the understanding that I may have to add some components or do some maintenance to put a machine in good order.  I wanted a project that could turn into a something more.  This turned out to be more difficult than I thought.

Still in all, I ended up finding two units, both for less than $50 US.  One of those is a Quad G5, sold on eBay by someone who didn't know what he had, listed poorly and out of place.  Both sellers were forthright and said that the machines had issues, but at the prices I paid I think I can still make my money back if I had to part these out for fans, cases, etc. 

We'll see...

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