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Sonnet QuadDoubler 50

What it the reason these cannot be used in an LC 575? It is an MC68040 @ 40 MHz that has been overclocked to 50 MHz on its own board with a heat sink and fan, which plugs directly into the socket on the motherboard. It is a bus speed issue? Can this actually be done? I have one around here somewhere and am about to put an LC 575 board into my Color Classic.

If I can bump the 575 board to a full-on '040 @ 40 MHz (up from the 33 MHz LC version on the 575's board) I will. (Uhhhh, can this be done?)

However, I might have to yank the 40 MHz chip from my very nice (and rare, I think) Sonnet Quad Doubler. So why not just install the QuadDoubler 50 as a complete unit?

Is it that the QD50 board will not physically fit in the case of the LC or the CC, or is it more like Color Classic + LC 575 motherboard + Sonnet QuadDoubler 50 go BOOM?


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