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Cheap LCD Monitor Panel for the IIc?

Who remembers this?

Before he died in '05, my old friend, Dr. Levinson had 2 of them. They were never in color as I remember and the screen was stretched out. But it got me thinking, as I have one of those multi-input displays for the Raspberry Pi (R-Pi) one can get from ebay for just a few bucks. As I stated on that other forum... I would go test it. It works.

post one from that other forum...

Has anyone tried hacking this or a similar LCD to the IIc/IIe/II+ composite output? These such units do have a composite input. I need to try it with my unit and see if it would work. The problem is the cables and power. … 2279114302

I'll post up on the weekend if I get something working. My old friend Dr. Levinson had the Apple IIc LCD Panel. Though it was nice, I always thought that passive LCD was ugly and the ratio aspect of it was too wide

post two (right after the first) from that other forum...

Guess what - that posted LCD Panel I have linked in the last past, works with the Apple IIc I have! Similar to the Apple IIc LCD Panel as things are stretched out wide, but about an inch off each side is bordered in so it is "squarer" in the image than the Apple LCD Panel. Plus, it is in color (the old Apple Panel is in grey-scale).

The only problem is getting a 9-12v / 1a power source to drive the thing. I used the external supply I have for it when I use it for the R-Pi's. BTW - that link does not have a power supply for it. The ones that you can get to run an Arduino Uno/Mega will run it - same size jack and power requirement.

In finding this, I discovered that though my IIc works, there is a problem in 80 column mode - it has some bad memory areas to deal with. Good thing, the ram on this unit is socketed (something Dr. Levinson did a long time ago). Also this is the unit with the RocketChip in it. I need to clean it up a bit as it is a good machine otherwise. I need to test this with my other IIc, IIe and 2- Laser 128s that I have. Except for the other IIc, which is with the first one, I just got to get them out of storage.

The image on this panel I bought was nice and crisp, even in color and using the composite input. This is just an idea I'm throwing about. And as stated, the problem with the panel is getting power for it to make it as a portable set up.


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