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System Error ID=02 with Mac 128K

I have been experiencing an issue with my Mac 128K and I was wondering if you guys had seen this before.  Basically when I open certain disks or disk images (either via a internal/external drive or the Floppy Emu), the system crashes with a System Error ID=02, forcing a reboot of the system.  See clues below:

  • The error only occurs when I try to open the disk to view its content, and this both by double-clicking on its icon or by using the File > Open sequence.

  • This error only occurs with certain disks or certain disk images but not with all disks/disk images.  The error is also reproducible at will, i.e. a disk or disk image that generates the error will always generate the error.  For instance, the error/crash will occur all the time with the System 2.0 disk but never with the System 3.2 disk.

  • The error is reproducible from the internal drive, the external drive, and from an externally connected Floppy Emu (in Macintosh floppy emulation mode).

  • Even though a given disk will cause a system crash when trying to view its contents, I am able to boot from the disk and/or run applications from it without problem.

  • I have tried the same disks and disk images on a Mac Plus (with the M0130 drive from the Mac 128K and with the Floppy Emu) and I do not get the error.  Therefore, in my opinion, the problem is not caused by the disks, disk images, or drives.  Ideally I would test this on another Mac 128K but I only have one.

  • When I use a disk that will cause the crash (e.g. system disk v2.0) and double-click on the disk icon, the system appears to be accessing/reading the disk (light flashes on floppy emu) and then crashes.  When I use a disk that doesn't cause the crash (e.g. system disk v3.2) and double-click on the disk icon, the system doesn't access the disk (no flashing light on floppy emu) and the system properly displays the disk contents.

Bad RAM and/or bad Bourns filter come to mind as possible culprits but I am not sure that this is how the system would behave.

Do you have any ideas?

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