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#1 2014-06-06 04:38:49

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Macintosh TV booting woes

I've been having some issues with the Mac TV. It has been recapped (all five of them) and has a fresh PRAM battery but it fails to boot. Pressing the power button on the keyboard will turn on the analog board, light the green light on front, spin the fan and power the drives but the logic board does not chime and no video appears. About the time I would expect the chime, I hear a "glub" from the speakers. If I leave it on like that, the processor heats up.

About the only thing I can see on the board that might be iffy is some of the solder joints to the edge connector,

Anyone have any ideas of where to start?

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#2 2014-06-06 12:47:03

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Re: Macintosh TV booting woes

you know a schematic for the mac color classic and the Mac TV would be golden.

i have a hunch there are some Via's over near the big fat cap,  with the Mac Tv that rot out.

with the mac color classic i have a feeling over near the sound chip in the same general area as the Mac TV.....
there are some via's that rot out.

but a currently do not have any documented fix for either when they are dead.

All though, with yours it almost seems like the rom is not being properly read.

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