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#1 2014-06-01 22:04:07

From: Rainier, Or
Registered: 2014-05-25
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Macdrone's collection and thinning procress

I'm sure my list is like everyone else's.
What you can get when you can.
I was pleased by Mcdermd company and taking so larger machines off my hands I knew I don't have room for and we're not that special to me.

Thinning will continue and I'll post here what's available.

If you need a part let me know, like I found a box full of classic frames and analog boards so if you ask I may have something.

My prize Macs I'll list now.  What I know I am keeping.

Apple II plus
Apple IIgs
Apple ///
Mac 128, needs board repaired but 512 board in it and it's pristine.
Mac 128 (says Apple on back). Has a chip on it but at over thirty years old I like it.
Mac Plus with HD20, system saver, and was on the net with AOL for years with performa external modem hack.
Classic II
Macintosh Portable (non and a backlit, both recapped)
Mac II
Mac Color Classic with 550 board.  Always a favorite.
Powermac 7200 with G3
Powermac G3 (tower,AIO and desktop)
Tangerine iMac
Tangerine iBook
Indigo iMac
Indigo iBook

Yes there is a lot I did not list as I'm not staring at my PowerBooks.

Like I said shipping weight is a pain but if you are looking for something let me know.


#2 2014-07-18 05:59:54

From: Rainier, Or
Registered: 2014-05-25
Posts: 246

Re: Macdrone's collection and thinning procress

Well a huge thanks to Mcdermd for gifting me a Mac Pro for the load of extra Macs I gifted him earlier.  As a just common user I would maybe have skimped to get a mini to be my next computer but this quad Xeon Mac Pro he found in the garbage (correct me if I am mistaken) (and which on the net with now) is a monster.  It may be in a G5 style case but the ability to remove parts and replace is sweet.  Its way more quiet than the G5.  Its just a screamer, and as it stands the only mac that I now have that can run Mavericks.

Thank you Dylan, such an awesome gift on my Birthday.

Hooked up to my wide ADC monitor with ADC to DVI adapter for super mac goodness.  I don't like the background ideas for Mavericks or Yosimite so I have the Lion background still.


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