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#1 2016-03-31 01:13:53

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MAXpowr DT292 200MHz 604e

I have a Newer Tech MAXpowr DT292 that has 4 DIP switches on it, but no marking as to what they do.  I searched the web and can find no reference to this card, so thought I would post my findings.

My card was set to 0,0,1,0 when I got it and that seems to work at 200/50. 

Here is a table with settings I've checked:

1234   CPU:BUS
0000 - 200:40
0001 - 200:40
0010 - 200:50
0011 - 100:25
0100 - 210:60
0101 - 210:60 (video flicker)
0110 - 200:57
0111 - 200:57

1000 - 200:40
1001 - 200:40
1010 - 200:50
1011 - 211:?? crashed
1100 - 210:60
1101 - 210:60
1110 - 200:57
1111 - 200:57

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#2 2017-01-05 18:38:36

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Re: MAXpowr DT292 200MHz 604e

This might make a handy sticky post... ping Dave?

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#3 2017-01-06 05:47:51

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Re: MAXpowr DT292 200MHz 604e

In another thread recently,, I was looking for help with some similar modules.  You may have just solved my DIP switch reference problem for the NewerTech I have labelled "292D (225Mhz)".  I assume mine is a very similar 604e model but could never prove it nor get it to work.  Your data there likely applies to mine, I just have to infer the multiplier and bus speed settings from your observations.

  As to your table, from what I know of these cards and from what I gather from your observations, I believe I can greatly simplify the information as follows:

23   BUS  MULT   CPU

00 - 40 @   5x = 200
01 - 50 @   4x = 200
10 - 60 @ 3.5x = 210
11 - 57 @ 3.5x = 200

  The data you've recorded implies that only switches 2 and 3 consistently alter the output.  (The two entries listed as problematic appear to be invalid settings.)  It also reveals that the only thing you can control directly is the bus speed, from which the card auto-configures the multiplier to consistently achieve the native speed of the 604e 200MHz chip.  The odd bus speed setting of 57 must be there as a 'safe setting' for overclocking the system bus speed while maintaining the native chip speed, as opposed to the even faster overclocked bus speed of 60 that leads to the CPU also being overclocked by 10 MHz and risking further instability.

  If the 604e cards are anything like the later NewerTech G3 cards then switches 1 and 4 relate to compatibility with whether or not the motherboard it's being installed in has non-removable cache.  On the G3 cards both switches would be up or down together depending on the presence or absence of motherboard cache.  The installation notes I have that came packaged with one of the G3 cards said that the later motherboards without cache require switches 1 and 4 to be 'ON'.  Getting it wrong would normally lead to a complete failure to post, but in some rare cases would just make the system very unstable and slower.

  With all that said, I can make an educated guess that I would expect to see the following behaviour on my 225 card:

23   BUS  MULT   CPU

00 - 40 @  5.5x = 220
01 - 50 @  4.5x = 225
10 - 60 @    4x = 240
11 - 57 @    4x = 228

  I will report back later if I can get mine working.  No combinations of all four switches would boot my Power Center 150.  I will try it in another machine.

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