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Scott Baret
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Spring Cleaning Sale

Well, it's come to the end of the road for a few of the computers at my place.

Yesterday, I got an LCII on Craigslist. As a result, my place is a little crowded. I value the LCs (with 12" monitors) greater than anything else for educational programs.

I'm not going to release any of the big-ticket items yet, but here's what I do have to part with...

Until otherwise noted, these are PICK UP ITEMS in Pittsburgh, PA. I have some free time this week and would love for someone to swing by and get some of these great machines--at great prices compared to what things are going for on Craigslist anymore.

Mac SE with keyboard and mouse. 1MB RAM, non-functional MiniScribe HD. Yellowed but runs well, great display in particular. Keyboard is the original short ADB model, mouse is the original square. $35.

Mac Classic with mouse but not keyboard. No HD, Sad Mac on bootup. I believe there's 2MB RAM in there. Case is somewhat yellowed but nice overall. Mouse is ADB square model. $20.

PowerBook 140. Great cosmetic condition. Has, I believe, 4MB RAM. The hard drive, of course, doesn't spin up. I think it's one of those 40MB Conners. The machine works fine off a floppy. The display can be a little finicky and need adjusting at times, but this is likely because of caps. The original power adapter is included. $60.

iMac G3 with keyboard and mouse. Not sure of the specs offhand but it's a tray-loader blueberry. I think it may be a 333MHz and I seem to remember the RAM is 32MB. It's been a while since I've used this computer. It has a display out adapter on the bottom. The computer is in great shape and booted the last time I used it. The keyboard and mouse are the matching blueberry model. $65.

iMac G3 with keyboard and mouse. This is another blueberry and I think it's a 266MHz. It worked when I tested it last year. The only downfall is that the keyboard and mouse don't match--the keyboard is a grape model and the mouse is an IBM. $50.

Apple Extended Keyboard II. Works great but lacks a cable. Slight yellowing. $10.

Only trades I will consider are for LCs or IIsis with 12" RGB monitors.

I've got a lot of free time this week since most of my kiddos are on spring break, so if you feel like driving to Pittsburgh (seriously, I've driven as far as Detroit and Louisville for Macs on Craigslist to avoid shipping), drop me a message and let's get a deal done!!


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