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#51 2017-04-28 16:56:14

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Re: SE PDS card ROMs

Time for a reboot!

I've got v4.4 ROMS that appear to be working if a copy still needs to be done. I've also got the v4.1 ROMs on a second TPD card to test and play swaparoo games if that becomes necessary. Need to see if I get the same repeatable results with the "untested" card. Started with the one that was "tested working" by an enviably equipped seller on eBay. Mine are both the earlier(?) BNC interface cards, so that makes testing on my Radius PrecisionView2150's BNC inputs very convenient.

Radius TPD/SE BNC->Monitor connection woes . . .
$30 SE/40/1MB/6.0.8 from craigslist . . .

Looking for the fabled Radius.sea.hqx file to get this card and the Radius16 up and running. I've also got the MagicBus card to get down to brass tacks if needs be in the testing phase.


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