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The Macintosh Portable Service Guide

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So you have a Macintosh Portable?

They can be really great machines to use and enjoy!  The Mac Portable has a Unique and clever design!
Their age can be a problem, Getting them to a fully functional state again will for sure require some involvement from you.

_ Bad Caps - They are probably all bad, The Mainboard will need a complete Re-Cap service!
_ Dead 6.8v Sealed Lead Acid battery, Replacements / Suggestions
_ Dead 9v battery,  there only to keep the sleep mode or time, ONLY when changing(swapping) the main lead acid battery, with a charged one.  Other wise the 9v battery just sits there and does nothing.
_ 5126 Screen cable\Backlight Issues,  Cracked and broke at cable crease.
_ Common Cap Goo dammage 5120 and 5126
_ Buck/boost 6.8v to 12v (Converter Circuit) issues and component replacement
_ Hacks and Mods - 34 pin to 50 SCSI Converter - Standard SCSI HD Replacements and Suggestions.

#I Re-Cap √Mac √NeTX √Amiga Boards - A/B - PSU# (  Modern SCSI HD's - For Old Macs - Pre Cfg'd - 10k RPM! 73gb!! $50 + free shipping  -- Mac 128K Re-Ram kits (16 Chips) $35 + shipping, Floppy Issues?-> Bourns Filter Solution 128k - SE/30, $16 + shipping


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