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From: Sf, Mi
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128k 512k Plus Analog Board Issues, & Common Fixes

( Place Holder )

_ Identify what Revision you have.

_ Shot Gun Common issues
Example:  Bad C1 / Cooked Deflection Connector / Bad soldered joints

_ Bad Cap's What ones and values & Where to buy? Part#'s

_ Bad Flyback / Diodes / Rectifiers / Resistors - Where to Buy? Part#'s

#I Re-Cap √Mac √NeTX √Amiga Boards - A/B - PSU# (  Modern SCSI HD's - For Old Macs - Pre Cfg'd - 10k RPM! 73gb!! $50 + free shipping  -- Mac 128K Re-Ram kits (16 Chips) $35 + shipping, Floppy Issues?-> Bourns Filter Solution 128k - SE/30, $16 + shipping


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