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MO130 External drive..

I have a Apple Mac Plus with a SC20 hard drive and a MO130 external floppy drive I bought off Ebay some time back.  I have never been able to get this drive to work with my Mac Plus.
When I connect it to my Mac & power it up up, the drive keeps whirring like its taking in a disk and then ejecting it.
I took it apart and tried it again and it is indeed doing what I said.  I was wondering if this is the corrct drive for this type of Mac.  I did read a forum post somewhere that was talking about drives marked with a red or yellow stripe and I noticed when it was in bits there is a red felt tip pen mark accross  corner of the PCB.  Is this the red stripe it was taking about I wonder?
Can anyone help me solve this mystery?  Here are some pics of my Mac setup & the drive in bits.

Pictures Here


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