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Macintosh IIvx

Hello everyone wink

I have a problem with my macintosh iivx. I've bought it a few years ago, all I had to do was just replacing the old battery and it worked fine. But after a few months on a shelf it doesn't start properly. I hear a startup chime and then unfortunatelly death chime. All I can see is a white screen (maybe it's not white but I only have a monochrome display wink )

I'm not an expert but here are the things I've tested:
- the voltage on motherboard, 5V and 12V, it seems ok (5,08V and 11,98V)
- the battery is a new one, 3,6V
- i was removing RAM dimms one by one but nothing has changed
- I've also removed VRAM dimms, after removing any of them the startup and death chimes sounded distorted
- hard drive sounds fine, nothing unusual

I also have two additional cards but they're not connected right now so they can't cause the problem

I would really appreciate any help, thanks in advance!


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