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Resetting and repairing an iMac G3

When I was 10 years old (back in 2010), I got my first computer - a blue iMac G3, Mid-2000 model, running OS9. I was inquisitive as all hell with computers, so rightfully giving a vintage computer to me so young was a bad idea, because i f***ed it up- from the start menu, to even rendering the O.E.M copy of Bugdom unplayable. I'm now 17 and I want to put it back to factory spec, it's missing a few trim pieces - a damaged speaker, speaker cover, the stand is broken, and the rear accessory port and RAM slot covers are missing, too. If someone could direct me to a good place that ships to Europe with these parts - they'd be helping me out massively smile I of course also want to reset the system, does anyone have an .iso image that can restore Mac OS 9 to factory settings? thanks a bunch smile


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Re: Resetting and repairing an iMac G3

I should have images of the discs you need. Contact me via email.

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