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#1 2017-12-09 05:55:42

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Looking for 128k anolog board and 400k internal drive to restore 128k

I recieved an original macintosh 128k it was made during the 27th week of 1984 and has had the original drive replaced with the 800k as well as the anolog board. Everything else is original. Exept the roms.

The machine is pretty much a collecters peice in terms of physical condition, not a single sighn of use exept for a tiny amount of burn in which you can't avoid. It came with brandnew seeled Supercard software and hypercard software. Mint original carying bag, scsi working drive, and a cooling fan. All in brand new condition.  I want to bring it back to factory stock. I have looked litterally everywhere with no luck. Ebay has nothing and I have posted to other forums without any luck. It works perfectly but I really want it stock.

I am looking for an 1984 110v anolog board with the black flyback crt suction cup.
And an original 400k internal dive and sled.

Either can be in non working condition or untested as I can
most likely repair them. Please if anyone has any of the two parts and would be willing to sell them to me. My email is



#2 2017-12-09 13:00:03

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Re: Looking for 128k anolog board and 400k internal drive to restore 128k

A friend of mine has an early 110 volts Analog Board with the black suction cap and top metal metal stiffener.

I can ask, how much do you want to spend ?


#3 2017-12-19 01:17:28

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Re: Looking for 128k anolog board and 400k internal drive to restore 128k

Why would you want to swap the analog board? Only the very early ones had black cups. There is a chance yours is original. You can just look at the date code stamp under the protective shield and figure if its been swapped or not.

And that top metal piece, often removed to prevent heat build up, it a heat diffuser not a stiffener.


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