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Performa 476 very rusty!

Hello all.  First time poster.  I just discovered this forum today!

Anyway, a little introduction.  I collect vintage computers.  I have nearly 80 computers in my collection and I can't seem to stop.  :-)  Mostly Commodore, Apple II's, Atari, etc.  I've owned a few classic B/W Macs (SE/30, etc.).  For years I've drawn the line at the B/W Mac.  As the other Macs (II, Performa, PowerMac, etc.) weren't "vintage enough" for me.

But lately I've taken another look at the classic line of Macs.  My very first computer-related job was on some Mac II's (can't remember exact models).  Something I've noticed on eBay lately is that many of the low-end Mac II's can be bought pretty cheap.  I don't think collectors have noticed that yet.  However, there is an overwhelming amount of variation between the classic Mac models. 

So, on to my question...

One of my latest purchases was a Performa 476.  I got it for very little money.  It was another one of those "UNTESTED FOR PARTS OR REPAIR".  Well, I noticed it had a little rust on the I/O ports in the back.  There were no pictures of the inside.  So I took a chance.

When I opened it up it was more rust than computer!  The power supply is completely rusted out.  I haven't taken it apart to see if it can be fixed.  Even if it could, it would take me hours...maybe days to sand off the rust on the PSU.  Not sure if it's worth the effort.  Both of the RF shields are more red/brown than silver.  I just tossed them out because I don't care about RF shielding for this computer. 

Even the PLASTIC case has rust on it and I can't get it off.  I'm going to try sanding it or maybe baking soda.  I've never seen rust stick to plastic like this before.  I believe this computer was underwater for a sustained amount of time.

Now, after all of this...I pulled the hard drive out and put it in another Mac (IIvx) and it worked.  So, got a working hard drive.

Next, the motherboard has no rust!  I couldn't believe it.  It actually looks like it may work.  BUT (there's always a "but") the I/O ports do have rust on them.  Especially the display and SCSI connectors.  I fear the rust may be inside the holes and on the pins. 

My options are:

1) Try and locate new connectors on Mouser or DigiKey.  This might be hard because I can't seem to find the part number.  Assuming I can still get these kind of connectors new.

2) De-solder the connectors and render the board unusable (no display) in the hopes that one day I will get an even worse board but one that has good connectors to swap. 

3) Cut my losses and toss the computer/board into storage.

If I could find the connectors, I would replace them if they weren't too expensive.  I have the technical skills to do so. 


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