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#1 2017-03-18 01:59:47

Scott Baret
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FS: Laptops/Software (help me get a pool pass!)

So...I am looking to buy a pool pass at an olympic-size swimming pool this year so I can better train for a triathlon.

I also happen to have two old laptops sitting around to help offset these costs.

Neither are perfect. One is a bit of a fixer-upper, the other is just a little older but works fine.

Up first is a 2010 MacBook Air. It's the 2GB Core 2 Duo model with a 64GB SSD. The computer itself has good working parts BUT the keyboard has some dead keys as a result of me over cleaning the keyboard with isopropyl alcohol (let's just say the keyboard got drunk). I believe it's the Q, A, S, and Z keys offhand that don't work. The case is pretty decent with only a few very minor nicks and scratches. There is a slight mark on the screen but it's not a major scratch. It fired up last time I used it but I wouldn't trust the battery. I have the original box and install stick for it. $115.

The other is a 2006 MacBook, 1.83 GHz. It has 1GB RAM and a 60 GB HD. It has a newish battery, which is black (the computer itself is white). It's in good, functional condition. I don't have an OS disc for it, nor does it have a power adapter, but I do have the original box. Get a power brick and this is a decent older laptop. $115.

If you're doing the math at home, you'll see buying both costs $230. However, if you buy both, I'll sell them for a total of $200.

Shipping is NOT included.

Also for sale: a boxed, shrink-wrapped copy of Microsoft Excel 1.0 from 1985. Never used, never opened. $85 plus shipping.


#2 2017-03-19 00:52:58

From: North S.F. Bay Area, CA
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Re: FS: Laptops/Software (help me get a pool pass!)

I'm *really* tempted to get the 2010 MacBook Air....

It would probably make a decent, low power desktop machine (however, 2 GB of RAM pretty much limits it to Mavericks if I want it to perform decently, in my opinion).


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