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#1 2017-02-28 07:47:02

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Power Macintosh G3 750 (M3979): Drive Setup cannot see hard drive


I got this otherwise nice G3 (M3979) for almost nothing, and I'm trying to restore it to working order.

When I boot it from 9.2.2 ("Universal") installation CD, it starts OK, but the "Drive Setup" cannot detect the hard drive -- it only sees the CD-ROM drive which is plugged to the same IDE ribbon.

I have replaced the original hard disk with other IDE disks (two 120GB disks, one 40GB disk), but none of them is detected.

Any clues as to what I could be doing wrong?



#2 2017-02-28 14:48:55

From: Electron Alley
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Re: Power Macintosh G3 750 (M3979): Drive Setup cannot see hard drive

Power Mac G3s are notorious for iffy IDE. See, inter alia, … l-problem/ … 0&tstart=0

tl;dr: depending on your board multiple IDE devices on the same bus have issues.

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#3 2017-02-28 16:08:32

From: Rainier, Or
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Re: Power Macintosh G3 750 (M3979): Drive Setup cannot see hard drive

Are they Apple drives or non apple branded.  The G3 is crazy in love with apple branded drives, in a way that jumpers dont need to be set usually, they just work.  The non apple drives need to be set to master or cable select depending if it sees it or not.


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